Laundry Bags, Washnet Bags & Linen Transportable

Commercial laundry bags

Laundry Bags

Newfound commercial laundry bags are built to last.  Constructed from our purpose made 300-denier polyester twill fabric, known as durotech, they incorporate the following standard features:

  • Heavy duty draw cord.
  • Industrial strength cord lock.
  • Bottom handles inside and out.
  • Double sewn bottom seams.
  • High strength Polyester tabs (x 4) for hanging bag on a frame if required.
  • Fits most trolleys.

Standard sizes include:

  • 60cm depth
  • 65cm depth
  • 70cm depth (ex: stock)
  • 75cm depth
  • Custom sizes available

Available in 11 colours: red, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, pink, mauve & black

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Available Colours

Cordless Laundry Bag

Cordless Laundry Bags

We supply cordless laundry bags, made to order. Easily close the webbing with an SR19 clip, to create maintenance free, hygienic closing, ideal for transporting soiled linen.

  • Depth 70cm (or as requested)
  • 100% heavy duty Polyester durotech
  • 4 loops for hanging in trolleys
  • Base handles both inside and out
  • Closes with webbing and SR19 Clip

Available Colours

Impermeable Bags

Impermeable Bags

The Newfound Impermeable Laundry bag is a reusable, economic and environmentally friendly solution to handling soiled linen. High frequency welded seams prevent potential fluid leakages, whilst the colour coded durotech top section allows the bag to be securely closed, minimising the escape of offensive odours. Standard features include:

  • Heavy duty draw cord.
  • Industrial strength cord lock.
  • Robust bottom handle.
  • High strength Polyester tabs (x 4) for hanging bag on a frame if required.
  • Fits most trolleys.

Standard sizes include:

  • 70cm depth
  • Custom sizes available

Available Colours

Soluble Seam Laundry Bags Liners

Soluble Seam Bags

The soluble seam bag liners are manufactured from polyethylene with a dissolvable seam fixed down the middle of the bag. When the seam dissolves during the initial stages of the laundry cycle, the bag opens up allowing the infectious and/or soiled linen to be released. A detachable water soluble tie tape is also used to seal the bags opening.

Standard Size:

  • 710mm wide x 990mm depth
  • Box 250 packed into 5 packets of 50

Large Size

  • 840mm wide x 1150mm depth
  • Box 200 packed into 4 packets of 50

Available Colours: Red, Yellow or Purple

Available Colours

Fully Water Soluble Laundry Bags

Fully Soluble Bags

Water soluble laundry bags are specifically made for Health Care industry operators. These bags are totally soluble and biodegradable. Contaminated linen is placed in the bag; the bag is then sealed with its water soluble tie tape ready for transfer to the laundry. Bags are then placed unopened into the wash, eliminating any unnecessary handling of soiled or infected laundry.

Standard Sizes:

  • 660mm x 840mm x 25um
  • Box 200

Available Colours: Red or Clear

Available Colours

Commercial Laundry Bag Limiter Sling

Laundry Bag Limiter Sling

The bag limiter sling is designed to reduce the amount of linen, which can be packed into a laundry bag, thus reducing the risk of handler injury resulting from lifting over filled bags. The sling fits most standard laundry trolleys with a simple, yet robust Velcro fastening system. The sling is also fully launderable. Standard size is 50cm depth.

Available Colours

Wash Net Laundry Bags

Washnet Bags

Our industrial quality washnet laundry bags are intended for use in commercial, institutional and industrial environments that place a high demand on the quality and durability of their laundry handling equipment.

Key features that distinguish a Newfound wash net bag from the rest are:

  • 100% polyester heavy duty mesh fabric.  Heavy polyester binding on all seams offering protection to both the seam and the garments inside the bag.
  • Durable coil zip with metal slider.
  • Elastic cover for the zip slider in the closed position ensuring the bag stays closed in the wash and protecting the inside of the washer / dryer from exposure to the metal slider.
  • Polyester webbing hanging loop that also functions as a labelling surface.
  • Standard with zip top, cord and lock, toggle or open top also available.

Standard net bag sizes:

  • Small              300 x 450mm
  • Medium           400 x 600mm
  • Large              600 x 900mm
  • Non Standard wash-net bags are available made to order

Available Colours

Available in white with colour tags or identification on special request.

Laundry Valet Bags

Valet Bags

The Valet bag is a smaller envelope style bag designed to cater for smaller quantities of personal linen in hospitality, commercial / industrial or institutional situations. Constructed from our robust polyester fabric, the Valet bag provides an attractive, durable and economic solution to handling personal linen.

The bag features a strong cord and cord lock for efficient and effective closure, 2 hanging tabs to allow the bag to be hung on a frame or on the wall and may be printed with your company name and logo for easy identification. The many available colours allows the use of a colour coding system if desired.

Standard size: 500 x 700mm

Available Colours

Laundry Hanger Bags

Hanger Bags

Hanger bags has been created as a cost effective and efficient alternative to the standard laundry basket. The upper portion of the bag is constructed to accept a standard clothes hanger which means the bag can be effectively hung in either a closet, on the back of a door or from a frame.

The strong mesh front of the bag firstly, allows air circulation amongst soiled items held in the bag and secondly, allows an easy visual check as to the contents of the bag. Another important design feature of the Hanger bag is the way the mouth of the bag stays open when in the hanging position, allowing easy access whilst filling or emptying the bag. The top and back section of the bag can be constructed from our range colours allowing for a colour coding system if desired.

Standard size: 450 x 600mm

Available Colours

Overheadrail Commercial Laundry Bags Standard Colours

Overhead Rail Bags

Available in 2 standard colours: blue or white

Custom models designed to fit a wide range of monorail and overhead rail systems.

Constructed from either heavy-duty 1200-denier polyester Ripstop fabric or our 300 denier Durotech. These bags are reinforced in all key high load and wear areas to provide maximum durability and efficiency.

Ripstop bags are available in 2 colours (Blue or White) whilst the Durotech bags are available in the full 10 colour range.

Available Colours

Blue Linen Trolley Cover

Linen Trolley Covers

Laundry trolley covers custom made to order with zip, strap & buckle or velcro closures.

Constructed from our hard wearing polyester 300 denier Durotech fabric giving a completely washable product that is highly chafe and tear resistant.

Alternatively, where a more rain proof cover is desired, we can offer a 600 denier polyester fabric with a PVC (waterproof) backing. This fabric is extremely durable but does have some washing limitations. Available in a wide colour range.

Fill in and fax to 07 3286 7729 Email us for more information

Clear PVC Trolley Cover

Clear PVC Trolley Cover

Clear PVC Trolley Covers are custom made to order. These covers are designed to protect goods stored on trolleys from dust and other substances, while still allowing the user to see what is stored on the trolley.

  • Can be wiped down with a disinfectant cloth or spray.
  • Does not need to be washed, saving costs.
  • May be kept in the Clean Room.
  • Clear PVC makes it easy to see what is inside the trolley.
  • Perfect for use in surgery rooms allowing staff to quickly locate items without having to open up the cover.

Trolley Liners/Cage Liner

Our Trolley liners provide a very cost effective, durable and efficient solution to the issue of protecting and containing linen within a frame style cage or trolley. Durotech’s strength and extreme chafe resistance combined with our robust construction systems results in a very durable liner that is easily laundered and dried to be ready for its next cycle. Our range of colours allows for effective colour coding of trolleys or matching to your company image. Liners may be also be branded with your company name and logo.

Available Colours

Cabinet Towel Slings

CT Slings (Cabinet Towel Slings)

Slings are a cost effective and efficient method of transporting Cabinet / Circular Towels to and from your client’s wash room(s). Available in a range of styles, fabrics, colours and closure styles the Newfound CT Sling can be adapted to suit your exact needs. Clever construction systems and concentrated reinforcing provides a durable yet light weight sling providing maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. Standard or custom sizes

Trolley washnet bags

Trolley Washnet Bag

The Newfound Mop Head bag features a unique buckle closure system that overcomes the issue of heavy loads breaking open conventional Wash Net closure systems. The fabric top section also allows for hanging tabs to be fitted to the bag, further enhancing its operational efficiency. Stock or custom sizes available with a choice of 10 colours for the top section.

Available Colours

Robust Hygiene Bin Cover

Hygiene Bin Covers

Manufactured to snugly fit over your Hygiene Bins, our covers provide a measure of discretion and modesty whilst transporting the bins through busy work places to and from Clean rooms. Available in a wide range of colours and branded with your company logo, these covers also offer a marvellous marketing opportunity.

Scissor Skip Bags Robust Design

Scissor Skip Bags

Newfound Scissor Skip bags are designed and built to withstand the rugged environment of the industrial laundry. Featuring D Rings fastened with strong polyester webbing hanging tabs, the bag is rugged and durable. Available in a wide range of colours to allow colour coding if desired.

Laundry Bag Cord Lock

Laundry Bag Cord Locks

The Prolock is one of the most efficient and hardest wearing cord locks available on the market today. Moulded in an engineering grade plastic the Prolock is designed to withstand the high temperatures of commercial laundering / drying without degradation and will not crack or break when subjected to the normal pressures associated with industrial use. Available in white or black with contrasting locking button colour for easy operation.

Laundry Bag Drawstring

Laundry Bag Cord

Our 6mm hollow polyester braid is strong but features a soft smooth finish to allow easy handling and minimise chafing on the bag cord pocket. Available in bulk lots or cut lengths (to match your bags) with heat sealed ends.