Laundry Hanger Bags

Hanger Bags

Hanger bags have been created as a cost-effective and efficient alternative to the standard laundry basket. The upper portion of the bag is constructed to accept a standard clothes hanger. This means the bag can be effectively hung in either a closet, on the back of a door, or from a frame.

The strong mesh front of the hanging laundry bag firstly allows air circulation amongst soiled items held in the bag. Secondly, it allows an easy visual check as to the contents of the bag. Another important design feature of the Hanger bag is the way the mouth of the bag stays open when in the hanging position. This allows easy access whilst filling or emptying the bag. The top and back section of the bag can be constructed from our range colours.

Newfound’s hanger bags size & colours:
  • Standard size: 450 x 600mm
  • Various colours available for a colour coding system if desired.

Available Colours