Laundry Bag Limiter Sling

Laundry Bag Limiter Sling

The Laundry Bag Limiter Sling – designed to reduce the amount of linen, which can be packed into laundry bags. Hence, reducing the risk of handler injury resulting from lifting overfilled bags. The sling fits most standard laundry trolleys with a simple, yet robust Velcro fastening system.

The bag limiter slings are designed with 4 Velcro fastening straps at each corner. On the trolley this supply a base that laundry bags rest on.  The bag limiter sling will reduce the standard laundry bag from a 70cm depth to 50cm.

The Laundry Bag Limiter Sling Features:
  • Standard size is 50cm depth.
  • The sling is also fully launderable.


You can read our article ‘Save your staff from injury from overfilled laundry bags’ or also Contact us for more information.

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