SlipperySally Single Use Slide Sheets

SlipperySally Single Use Slide Sheets can greatly improve infection control as well as improve manual handling over reusable slide sheets.  During infection breakouts, SlipperySally Single Use Slide Sheets can be disposed after use.


  • Reduced spread of infection which may occur through reuse of slide sheets
  • No laundering costs as they can be recycled if unsoiled.  They are not designed to be washed
  • Double slip coated
  • S.W.L. 360kg (Australian Wool Testing Authority)
  • Easy identification – bright yellow or orange
  • Improved manual handling – no excuse for staff not to use a slide sheet because they cannot find it or it has not returned from the laundry
  • Good for aged care where slide sheets get lost during linen servicing
  • 1 x 1.45m
  • 2 x 1.45m
  • Carton size of 50 Slide Sheets

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Available Colours