Soluble Seam Bags

Soluble Seam Bags

The soluble seam bags liners are manufactured from polyethylene with a dissolvable seam fixed down the middle of the bag. Firstly, use the detachable water soluble tie to seal the bag’s opening. When the seam dissolves during the initial stages of the laundry cycle. The bag opens and afterwards releases the infectious and/or soiled linen. Furthermore, this eliminates any unnecessary handling of soiled or infected laundry.

Our soluble seam bags are also known as alginate bags and dissolvable bags.
Standard Size:
  • 710mm wide x 990mm depth
  • Box 250 packed into 5 packets of 50
The soluble seam bags Large Size
  • 840mm wide x 1150mm depth
  • Box 200 packed into 4 packets of 50

Available Colours: Red, Yellow or Purple

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Available Colours