Red Yellow Purple Soluble Seam Laundry Bags

Soluble Seam Laundry Bags

Our Soluble Seam Laundry Bags liners are manufactured from polyethylene with a dissolvable seam fixed down the middle of the bag. When the seam dissolves during the initial stages of the laundry cycle, the bag opens up allowing the infectious and/or soiled linen to be released. A detachable water soluble tie tape is also used to seal the bag’s opening.

Soluble Seam Laundry Bags Standard Size:
  • 710mm wide x 990mm depth
  • Box of 250 (5 packets of 50)
Large Size:
  • 840mm wide x 1150mm depth
  • Box 200 (4 packets of 50)

Colours: Red, Yellow or Purple

Our soluble bags are also known as alginate bags, dissolvo bags and dissolvable bags. Contact us for more information.

Available Colours