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Commercial Webbing


Various webbing sizes

Webbing sizes can be cut to length with heat sealed ends, contact us with your requirements to obtain pricing.

Mailing Courier Satchels

Courier Satchels

Our Courier Satchels designed with docket windows and also with internal or external access Security locking system available

Our courier satchels have
  • A range of sizes and colours available
  • Finally, a strong black top zipper
Lightweight Mail Bags

Mail Bags

We can supply light-weight and strong polyester fabrics mail bags. Furthermore, various handle styles available. Very durable and made to last!

Our mail bags features:
  • Double reinforced in high chafe areas.
  • Open, drawcord or security seal closure systems available.
  • Sublimation branding for security and also marketing benefits.
  • Double reinforced in high chafe areas.


Laundry Tags

Laundry Tags

Our Laundry tags provide an up to date alternative to the traditional Manila Tags, offering a simple, efficient and cost-effective method of identifying laundry during “pack out”. Write individual customers names on the colour coded tags to further assist with identification. The tags are available in 7 standard colours. Manufactured from a tough waterproof synthetic paper to ensure easy and also durable recognition to help simplify your linen distribution process.

Laundry Tags Features:
  • Custom colours and personalised printing are available on request.
  • Minimum quantities for custom tags apply.
  • Dimensions: 215mm x 35mm
  • Available in: Box 2,000

Available Colours

Whale Pin Laundry 5

Whale Pin Laundry 5″

Our 5″ Whale Pin Laundry is ideal for mesh bags, this 125mm nickel-plated brass net pin keeps your open top wash net laundry bag closed. Ir also keeps garments inside the bag. Furthermore, with its securely attached head and rounded tip, this laundry net pin is safe and easy to use.

Whale Pin Laundry 5″ Usage:

Just gather the opening of the open top wash net bag together and secure with a net pin.

Laundry Bag Cord Locks

Laundry Bag Cord Locks

Our laundry bag cord locks, the Prolock, is one of the most efficient and hardest wearing cord locks available. Firstly, moulded in an engineering grade plastic. Designed to withstand the high temperatures of commercial laundering / drying. Without degradation and it will not crack or break when subjected to the normal pressures associated with industrial use.

Colours of the laundry bag cord locks:

Available in white or black with a contrasting locking button colour for easy operation.

Laundry Bag Cord

Laundry Bag Cord

Our 6mm hollow polyester laundry bag cord is very strong. On the other hand, it features a soft smooth finish.  It also allows for easy handling and minimises chafing on the bag cord pocket.

Laundry Bag Cord Sizes:

Available in bulk lots or cut lengths (to match your bags) with heat sealed ends.