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Slide Sheets

We supply slide sheets that enable repositioning of patients in bed with minimal effort by allowing the patient to slide easily over the bed surface during transfers. As a result, our sliding sheets drastically reduce the risk of injury to the caregiver.

Newfound Slide sheets are:
  • Quiet – reducing the potential of patient distress
  • Very slippery – minimising caregiver effort.
  • Soft – lessening the risk of skin abrasions.
  • Furthermore, easily laundered and dried.
Our sliding sheets are available in three sizes:
  • Standard 1 x 1.5m
  • Large 2 x 1.5m

Available in Green, Red, Purple and Blue.

The Newfound Slide Sheet is available in two styles: with heat-sealed edges, or also with hem and soft webbing tab to assist with storage. All in all, our slide sheets are highly durable.

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Slide Sheet Storage Bag

Slide Sheet Storage Bag

Our slide sheet storage bag is used to store individual patient slide sheets. Our slide sheet holders are used in convenient locations near patients / residents so that they are close at hand when required.

The slide sheet storage bag features:
  • Velcro flap that neatly secures over the bed rail or bed head.
  • Webbing loop also allows the storage bag to be hung on a door or wall hook.
  • Manufactured from our robust polyester fabric.
  • Furthermore, fully launderable to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.
Slide sheet holder colours:
  • Available in 11 different colours for colour coding or decorative options.

Available Colours

Single Use & Reusable SallyStocking Aids

The SallyStocking Aid is an inexpensive aid for putting on open toe compression and anti-embolism stockings.  It is made from SlipperySally materials in both single patient use and washable.  It rolls over on itself when removing it to minimise friction.

The SallyStocking Aid is suitable for use with Open Toe Compression and Anti-Embolism stockings.  It is important that anyone using the SallyStocking is adequately trained in both its use as well as application of compression and stockings.

Ensure proper sizing of stockings and always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

SallyStocking Aid Single Patient Use
  • Yellow
  • Polyester strap on end
  • Individually sealed with label and instruction
  • Reduce risk of infection between patients
  • Ensures one is available as required by patients rather then waiting for the laundry
  • Often more cost effective considering wash costs and loss of reusables
  • Comes in cartons of 50

SallyStocking Aid Reusable

  • Blue
  • Polyester strap on end
  • Individually sealed with label and instruction
  • Research shows material washable to 250 washes
  • Comes in cartons of 25

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SlipperySally Single Use Slide Sheets

SlipperySally Single Use Slide Sheets can greatly improve infection control as well as improve manual handling over reusable slide sheets.  During infection breakouts, SlipperySally Single Use Slide Sheets can be disposed after use.


  • Reduced spread of infection which may occur through reuse of slide sheets
  • No laundering costs as they can be recycled if unsoiled.  They are not designed to be washed
  • Double slip coated
  • S.W.L. 360kg (Australian Wool Testing Authority)
  • Easy identification – bright yellow or orange
  • Improved manual handling – no excuse for staff not to use a slide sheet because they cannot find it or it has not returned from the laundry
  • Good for aged care where slide sheets get lost during linen servicing
  • 1 x 1.45m
  • 2 x 1.45m
  • Carton size of 50 Slide Sheets

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Available Colours