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Red Yellow Purple Soluble Seam Laundry Bags

Soluble Seam Laundry Bags

Our Soluble Seam Laundry Bags liners are manufactured from polyethylene with a dissolvable seam fixed down the middle of the bag. When the seam dissolves during the initial stages of the laundry cycle, the bag opens up allowing the infectious and/or soiled linen to be released. A detachable water soluble tie tape is also used to seal the bag’s opening.

Soluble Seam Laundry Bags Standard Size:
  • 710mm wide x 990mm depth
  • Box of 250 (5 packets of 50)
Large Size:
  • 840mm wide x 1150mm depth
  • Box 200 (4 packets of 50)

Colours: Red, Yellow or Purple

Our soluble bags are also known as alginate bags, dissolvo bags and dissolvable bags. Contact us for more information.

Available Colours


Totally Soluble Laundry Bags

We supply totally soluble laundry bags that completely dissolve in the wash achieving the same end result as our Soluble Seam bag but eliminating the need to remove and dispose of the plastic remains at the end of the wash cycle.

Totally Soluble Laundry Bags Standard Size:
  • 660mm wide x 840mm depth x 25UM
  • Box of 200

Colours: Red or Clear

Email or Call us if you need more information or want a quote.

Available Colours

Clinical Waste Bags

Clinical Waste Bags

Clinical waste bags to healthcare facilities Australia wide. The yellow waste bags for disposing of contaminated and also soiled linen or soiled continence products. Furthermore, clearly labelled bags – Printed as shown.

Stock sizes of clinical waste bags:
  • 5 Litre 255 x 380mm x 30UM Box 2500 YCW05LL30-2500
  • 27 litre 500 x 600mm x 30um Box 250 YCW27LL30-250
  • 50 litre 630 x 800mm x 55um Box 200 YCW50LL55-200
  • 120 litre 990 x 1200mm x 55um Box 100 YCW120LL55-100
  • 240 litre 1180 x 1500mm x 55um Box 50 YCW240LL55-50

Finally, the bags are ideal for any medical facilities that requires specific waste collection. Contact us now to get more information.

Purple Cytotoxic Waste Bags

Cytotoxic Waste Bags

We supply Cytotoxic Waste Bags for the healthcare industry. Our cytotoxic waste bags are chemically resistant and also high-quality. Our bags provide a safe collection and also disposal of cytotoxic Waste. Furthermore, the LILAC bags are made with white printing.

The cytotoxic waste bags stock size is as shown below:
  • 72 Litre 710 x 900mm x 55um Box 100 YCWL72L100-100

Our cytotoxic waste plastic bag is designed to be used in hospitals or laboratories where a colour-coded system is needed or can be implemented for the handling of waste.