Newfound Distributors Pty Ltd was established in 1995 as a specialist distributor servicing Commercial Laundries, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Boarding Schools, supplying a range of specialist textile products to assist with handling, processing and transportation of laundry.

A focus on sourcing and development of specialised products to fill exact customer requirements has resulted in a wide range of products that are both cost effective and durable.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you receive quality products on time, and at reasonable prices.

Our Core Business

  1. Commercial Laundries

    Newfound Distributors focus for supply to Commercial Laundries is to source low cost, high quality Textile Products and Heat Seal Labels, Logo Emblems and Logo Transfers.

    Through our close relationship with Textile Factories, we are also able to supply small runs of custom made products to suit out of the ordindary requirements.

  2. Hospitals

    At Newfound Distributors we have been supplying some of the Largest Hospitals in Australia for more than 15 years.  Our most popular product lines being Soluble Seam Bags, Trolley Covers, Laundry Bag Limiter Slings and Slide Sheets.

    As a Nationwide Supplier and importer, we are able to supply Hospitals with high quality products at competitive prices.

  3. Nursing Homes

    At Newfound Distributors, we supply hundreds of Nursing Homes across Australia with a wide variety of stocked products.

    We understand the everyday needs of Nursing Home staff and residents and supply top quality products to improve the level of care for our elderly.

    Through close relationships with other suppliers across Australia, we are also happy to assist in sourcing products for Nursing Home purchasing staff.

  4. Boarding Schools

    In Boarding Schools, we understand the importance of managing students clothing and making sure correct items are returned to each student after laundering.

    To assist in making this process more efficient, we supply Washnet Bags, along with Clothing Label Printers and Heat Seal Machines to ensure all clothing items are returned to the correct students.

Our Vision

At Newfound Distributors, our vision is to source and supply high quality specialist products to Commercial Laundries, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Boarding Schools across Australia.

We put a strong focus on staying flexible and up-to-date with changes in the industry, to ensure we are able to supply our customers with the best products to suit their needs.