Newfound Distributors Short CLothing Protector

Short Clothing Protector

Newfound’s short clothing protector (also known as adult feeder or adult bib) most importantly provide everyday protection from spills and stains to the person that is wearing it.

Our short clothing protector and adult bib features:
  • First of all the bib has an absorbent colourfast surface and liquid-proof barrier. Keeps wearers clothes dry by effectively protecting against light spills.
  • Generous sizing provides maximum coverage to the chest and lap.
  • Attractive print mask stains and also appeals to patients/residents.
  • Furthermore, the protector has an adjustable 2 position snap closures.
  • Polyester Rayon.
  • Another feature is the protector is dryer friendly.

Dimensions 45cm x 70cm
Colours available: Dark Blue Plaid

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