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Napkin Clothing Protector

Newfound’s Napkin Style Clothing Protectors provide a dignified alternative to the traditional adult bib or clothing protectors.  This clothing protector looks like a restaurant style napkin, but includes a waterproof backing to assist protecting residents clothing from spills.

The napkin style clothing protectors feature:
  • Waterproof backing which keeps wearers clothes dry by effectively protecting against light spills
  • Navy Blue colour masks stains to further maintain the wearers dignity.
  • The protector has an adjustable 2 position snap closures.
  • Dryer friendly

Dimensions: 61cm x 61cm
Colours available: Navy

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Short Clothing Protector

Newfound’s short clothing protector (also known as adult feeder or adult bib) most importantly provide everyday protection from spills and stains to the person that is wearing it.

Our short clothing protector and adult bib features:
  • First of all the bib has an absorbent colourfast surface and liquid-proof barrier. Keeps wearers clothes dry by effectively protecting against light spills.
  • Generous sizing provides maximum coverage to the chest and lap.
  • Attractive print mask stains and also appeals to patients/residents.
  • Furthermore, the protector has an adjustable 2 position snap closures.
  • Polyester Rayon.
  • Another feature is the protector is dryer friendly.

Dimensions 45cm x 70cm
Colours available: Dark Blue Plaid

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Clothing protectors

Clothing Protectors

Our clothing protectors (also known as adult feeders or adult bibs) are used in healthcare by carers who help feed adults with disabilities. The clothing protector helps to protect the patient’s clothes from spills and stains.

The clothing protectors and adult bibs features:
  • Generous sizing provides maximum coverage to the chest and lap.
  • Absorbent colourfast surface and liquid-proof barrier keep clothes dry by effectively protecting against light spills.
  • Adjustable 2 position snap closures
  • Attractive print mask stains and furthermore appeals to patients/residents
  • Polyester Rayon, also dryer friendly.
  • All in all these protectors are highly durable

Dimensions: 45cm x 90cm
Colours available: Blue Plaid or Maroon

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The Terry Towelling Bibs simple clothing protectors

Terry Towelling Bibs

The Terry Towelling Bibs are a lightweight, pop over styled bib. It helps protect clothing from food and drink spillage.

Features of the Terry Towelling Bibs:

Dimensions 45cm x 78cm
Colours available: White with Mocha Binding

Medication round apron in red

Apron – Medication Round

Newfound’s Medication Round Apron (also known as a tabard) reduce non-medication-related interruptions to your staff during medication rounds. Medication round aprons are available in red with white text as pictured. The apron will surely help your staff.

The text is written on both the front & back: “Medication Round Please Do Not Disturb!”

The medication round apron features:
  • 75cm x 45cm front and back.
  • Self Binding & Ties
  • 3 Front pocket sections

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Lightweight & Heavy Duty PVC Apron

Made from Hospital Grade PVC Mackintosh material, these aprons are easy to clean and they can be used in a number of applications throughout a healthcare setting.

For medical purposes they are:
  • Waterproof
  • Fire Retardant
  • Latex Free
  • Bacteria Resistant
  • Anti-Static
  • Manufactured in Australia with Stitched Seams

Standard sizes include:

  • Lightweight PVC Apron Short – 100cm x 85cm
  • Lightweight PVC Apron Long – 115cm x 85cm
  • Heavy Duty PVC Apron Short – 90cm x 85cm
  • Heavy Duty PVC Apron Long – 105cm x 85xm
  • Heavy Duty PVC Apron Extra Long – 123cm x 85cm

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Water Repellent Apron

Apron Water Repellent

The water repellent apron is developed to provide protection and also comfort to the wearer. Our water repellent apron is designed with a specific cut to give the wearer maximum comfort and flexibility.

The water repellent apron is:
  • A very easily laundered garment.
  • A truly multipurpose garment, this apron can be worn with either the waterproof PVC surface exposed or reversed so that the more absorbent Poly/cotton surface is on the outside.
  • A soft and comfortable neck and waistband ensure wearer comfort above all.
  • Dimensions 67cm x 83cm
Kitchen Apron 100% cotton

Kitchen Apron A01

The kitchen apron is used primarily in kitchen areas but can also be used as a protective garment for other applications, for example, general stores procedures.

The kitchen apron features:
  • Fabric: Loomstate Herringbone Twill – 100% cotton.
  • The kitchen apron is a full frontal protective apron with a neck loop and two waist-webbing ties.
  • Furthermore, easy and comfortable to wear.