Single Use SallyStocking Aids



The SallyStocking Aid is an inexpensive aid for putting on open toe compression and anti-embolism stockings.  It is made from SlipperySally materials in both single patient use and washable.  It rolls over on itself when removing it to minimise friction.

The SallyStocking Aid is suitable for use with Open Toe Compression and Anti-Embolism stockings.  It is important that anyone using the SallyStocking is adequately trained in both its use as well as application of compression and stockings.

Ensure proper sizing of stockings and always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

SallyStocking Aid Single Patient Use
  • Yellow
  • Polyester strap on end
  • Individually sealed with label and instruction
  • Reduce risk of infection between patients
  • Ensures one is available as required by patients rather then waiting for the laundry
  • Often more cost effective considering wash costs and loss of reusables
  • Comes in cartons of 50

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